16 March 2011


As I have mentioned before, I finally purchased a Yudu screen printing machine.

Screen printing T-shirts was one of my goals for this year. Every time that I have screen printed in the past, I have loved it but I never got around to doing it often because the time consuming prep-work and clean up.
With the Yudu, all of that is cut in half!
Plus, it's sooooo easy to use :)

So, this week, I decide to get busy and actually make some adorable T-shirts for fundraising purposes.  I didn't get a photo of the final T-shirt yet but I did get one of the first layer.

Yay!  Another goal down :)  Only a few more to go!!



  1. I like the way that t-shirt looks.
    You should sell them :D

  2. i'd love a screen print! i love college on fridays when i have my printing lesson

  3. I've been wanting a YUDU for a while now - such awsomeness! I look forward to seeing what you create with it :)


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