08 March 2011

30 before 31: checking in

In less than a month, I will be turning 31.  Unreal.
Since it's getting really close, I decided it was time to check in on my goal list for the year and see what I still have to accomplish.
I am pretty sure that I will be able to finish all but two.
I'm super bummed about not finishing them all but I did get to accomplish some pretty rad things this year!

Here is my little check in!
I only have like 8 more days to go on that last devotional!
I have painted two more since I scanned this photo in and I will definitely finish the rest by my birthday.
I have purchased the Yudu (which is a super easy way to screen print) and am creating a  screen as we speak.
The third quilt top is done but I am still embroidering names on it BUT I will make it a priority to finish it before my b-day.
My one hope for this is that I can drive to Kansas City maybe over Spring Break to see one of his homes.  I've already been to all of the ones around here.
This is one of those goals that probably isn't going to be finished :(  The photographer who was supposed to be doing this never got back to me so I am bummed.  I want to do something with painting on my dress or embroidering onto it or something artsy.  
I've started doing this with on of Danielle Thompson's online kits but I am not motivated to work on this.  We shall see :)
Adam got sick the night of the concert that we were supposed to go to so we didn't go. We are going to a show on April 16th and even though it's after my b-day by a week, Im still going to count it :)
sooooooo close!

That is it, and I am soooo confident that I will be able to finish *most* of these before April 5th.



  1. oh how cute is this :) i think i will do such a thing too on my next birthday. haha.

    to have goals and to dream is good!



  2. Amazing - you go, girl!

  3. This is just great. Don't stress if you miss one or two. It is quite an accomplishment.

  4. Goo Goo Dolls are coming to Northwest Missouri State April 15th if you're interested!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mini book of goals. And am impressed with how many you have done so far.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  6. Your journal is awesome Janel. I love that you have both fun and simple goals, as well as big important goals. You really are one of those people that actually chase your dreams, and that is so inspiring! I can tell you put a lot of love into everything you do, and I hope you get everything you work so hard for!


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