22 June 2011

Prompt 23

Well friends, it is day 23 of our challenge and as you can see, there are so many people who are still going strong!! I love it :)
There are only 7 days left and I know we can do it!!
Day 23 is a fun one.

Journal Prompt:  Summer Sounds!  If you are like me, music is a total MUST.  There are so many great blogs that post playlists regularly and I love love love finding new music through them.  Today, I would like you to create your perfect Summer Playlist :)  Deal?

My page:

I am one of those people who mostly listen to home-made CD's from songs I download on Itunes.  I am not much of a radio listening person.  I love seeing playlists that other's have created to find new music.  I can not wait to see all of your playlists.  After all of your pages are posted in the Flickr group, I'll probably have to make a collaborative CD for my summer drives :)
Have fun!! Be inspired by music today!!



  1. LOVE this page janel! so sad theres only a week left :(

  2. I love that you make your own cd's... i always want to but the details of it all gets my brain confuzzled, so I opt for the radio and just flip flip flip till i find something to jam out to!
    P.S - LOVE YOU xoxo

  3. inspirational- once again


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