14 June 2011

Prompt 15

We are Half Way through the challenge my friends :)
 Day 15.  You are a rockstar!!

Journal Prompt 15:  Needs and Wants.  What are some things that you need right now?  What are some things that you want right now?  Sometimes these two things are hard to discern right?  

My page:

I'm pretty sure that I could add all of the wants to my needs list too!!  Adam was cracking up when he read this page.  He thought it was hilarious that "a baby" was on the same list as like" dog food" and a swimsuit."
  Hey, I need all of them!!  Even if they look silly next to each other on a list :)

How are you doing?  Are you keeping up with the challenge?  Are you still going strong every day with your journaling?
The great thing about this challenge is that you can take it at your own pace.  The prompts and pages will always be on my blog so feel free to come back to it!
See you tomorrow!!



  1. I am loving this challenge! It is difficult for me to sometimes keep up with journaling every single day, but these prompts make it fun and easy to be creative. This is a new journaling approach for me and I love it! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and prompts :)

  2. Cool prompt :)
    I'm up to speed.
    What will I do in july??

  3. Yuppers! I definitely need a baby too.. NEED! I also want to join this journaling extravaganza, but I just don't know where to start!
    Janette, the Jongleur


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