21 June 2011

Prompt 22

Good Evening y'all :)
As the journal challenge steers toward the end, I want to encourage you all to check out the amazing pages that have been uploaded into the Flickr group if you haven't already.  Even if you aren't participating in the challenge, you should definitely hop over there and take a look!

Journal Prompt 23:  A challenge.  What are some things that you need to challenge yourself to do this summer?  I know that this journal challenge is one thing for sure :)  Today we will use the prompt- "I challenge myself to..."

My page:

I always make goals for myself each month but those are things that are pretty easy for me to accomplish since I usually make them some what enjoyable.  This is a list of things that may be a "challenge" for me.  I promised myself that I would get out and get active this summer, spend more time outside, water walking, hiking, playing tennis, etc.  So far, I have been doing pretty good so far.
Another challenge for me, is to worry less.  I seriously worry way too much, about every single silly thing.  I need to work on just relying on God, and praying instead of worrying.
The last challenge for myself is to turn my studio space into a nursery space.  With our adoption stuff being up in the air, I have slacked on this but I know when I finally do it, it will be so worth it :)
What are some things that you need to challenge yourself to do?



  1. what lovely lovely goals :) i've been looooving this journal experience :) & one of my favorite bible verses is "do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself..." matt 6:22 (i think). it always helps me out! happy tuesday!

  2. I love your ideas and I have been reading your prompts for about a week and a half. Are you only doing this journal for the month of June or will you start again in July. I don't want to jump in this late but I enjoy the prompts they really give me something to work with.
    Thanks, Nique

  3. oooh, another good one. loving this challenge so far! i keep flipping through my journal, it's so pretty! :D

  4. So where/how are you going to set up your craft stuff? I'm always interested in how crafty people handle this transition!

  5. all i can say is that you have a talent and i love it.

    -robots in trouble

  6. awww thanks ladies!!!

    Nique- I do this challenge once a year in June. You should definitely jump in late. It's always up on the blog so that anyone can do it at any time :)

    Brenda- I have no idea!!! :)

  7. Thanks Janel I will I love your work.


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