25 June 2011

Prompt 26

Wow, we are officially nearing the end of this challenge.  I really feel like it has flown by this year! After today, there are only four more prompts to go!!  

Journal Prompt: Today...  Think of a creative way to document your day and then do it!

My page:

I've done this before in my journal and it's fun to see the different ways that I have documented it in the past.  Here are a couple of examples from some of my other journals...

It's always a fun page to look back on :)
Have fun, and get creative!!
Speaking of being creative, do any of you plan on keeping up with your journal after the challenge is over? I would love to hear about it if you do.


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  1. oh gosh... i enjoy your journal! it's so fun to read. OH AND! We can read/see your journal! :D

    -robots in trouble


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