22 June 2011

my week so far...

What was life like before camera phones? I love taking photos with my phone and using all of the great photography apps that I have.  Here are some iphone photos from my week so far :)

These posts are always fun because they give you a little peek into my every day life :)
I hope you all are having a super week. 
My week has been great, besides the fact that my keys have been lost for over a week now, boo.
Check back tonight for the newest journal prompt.



  1. Anonymous22 June, 2011

    thanks for sharing your pics! What are you making in the 6th picture down? You should do a DIY on this, I would love to make one. Even though I don't know what it is, it sure is pretty.

    just posted my journal pages to Flicker

  2. Hey Sue,
    It's a friendship bracelet :) I actually made it from a DIY from the blog Honestly...WTF :)

  3. Anonymous22 June, 2011

    Just found the blog and saved it to my favorites bar.. Gonna try this by this weekend will let you know how it goes! thanks for the info!!

  4. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    OMG! Loving that photo of the friendship bracelet! if it's one thing that i love the most, it's getting a handmade bracelet from a friend. (I don't like the store bought kind). I want to know that someone learned something just so they could give me a token of friendship.

  5. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    I love everything about this post!! The quilt, the food, the bracelet! Lovely!

  6. Ohh I really want to get back into making friendship bracelets!


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