08 June 2011

Prompt 9

Today, I am straying from the pen and turning to something a bit more "multi-media."
It is also a bit more colorful and a lot more random :)
Are you ready?

Journal Prompt 9:  Completely fill your page with something random.  Leave your pen in your desk today and find beauty in the every day random things around you. 

My page:

I decided to stick with a theme for my page.  I decided to use all "letter writing" materials for mine.  I used labels and stickers for decorating envelopes, I used washi tape and I used pieces of security envelopes (my favorite art journaling supplies).  I did however bring out the pen to add some lines in between the supplies to create unity across the page :)

This is another one that I can't wait to see in the Flickr Group!!  Keep Uploading.


p.s.  are you enjoying the challenge so far? do tell!


  1. Anonymous08 June, 2011

    I was waiting all afternoon for this next prompt! I think I am addicted to Journaling I am taking your class and "30 Days of Doodling" as well then at the end of June taking a 3rd class.

    I got some really interesting stuff on my page including a Walmart bag that I ironed and didn't look like material but it was stiff and I liked the texture! It was a fun page.

    Janel I am enjoying your class.

  2. Im enjoying it sooo much! Love the promts and I find that they spark my creativity in other way too.
    I've done a lot more scrapbooking theese last 8 days than I've done in the last few months...

    Havin' fun! :-) Thx for doing this!

  3. Anonymous09 June, 2011

    Ugh! I can't do this one for several days! I'm currently not home and I have none of my journaling supplies except for my pens.

  4. Thank you so much for inspiration!

    here is my new 9 days :)


    hugs Jasz :*

  5. Anonymous09 June, 2011

    totally a fun one! Even got my little one interested in starting his own journal from this prompt!! on to flickr...

  6. O'm 2 days late now.... But! good news is I got rid of my pile for ironing! :)

  7. http://numb.honey-vanity.net/blog/?p=3448

    I really enjoyed this prompt. It was interesting to go through the random things I keep in my room. XD I'm such a pack rat.

  8. So fun! I just posted mine on my blog! :)


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo