23 June 2011

a mili...

Welcome to " a mili Thursday!"  I know that this feature is usually a Monday thing, but there are some items that are so beautiful, they needed to be blogged about immediately.
Without further ado, here are five new things that make me want to buy a lottery ticket :)

1.  I have been wanting a double ring with my name on it for awhile now.  I saw this adorable customized couple one on etsy and I loooooove it so much!
2.  This vintage luggage set is just too too perfect!

3.  I heart this vintage tapestry bag so much too!

4.  and how amazing are these nesting dolls?

5.  And last but obviously not least... I want to marry this necklace :)

Oh to be a mili-anaire :)
Happy shopping, and browsing, and lusting my friends.



  1. Oh.my.gosh. I love that necklace! Yeah...I can see how this couldn't wait. Beautiful! Love your blog btw. :)

  2. that ring is amazing and i have the biggest version of that pink suitcase, its even lovelier in person :) happy thursday!!

  3. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    I have never seen a double named ring like this nor the necklace love them both.

    I must say the luggage pieces were commonplace in my younger years by my parents as well as Grama, Aunts and Uncles.. guess I am vintage too! lol I still have one piece of my parents luggage and I still remember they all had that same smell to them. I would love to play w/her small makeup luggage case w/all those pockets w/the elastic.. great memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Oh yea the typewriter....we used those in our typewriting class in high school! yes I am old! And yes we needed strong fingers the hardest was using our pinky fingers on those letters!


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