28 June 2011

Prompt 29

Good evening journalers!
I can't believe that we only have one more stinking prompt left after today!! 
I am going to write this one up pretty quickly because I have had a loooooong day and my bed is seriously calling my name right now :)

Journal Prompt 29: An Interview.  Take the time today to write up a short and sweet little interview in your journal and then...go interview someone.  I originally wanted the prompt to be about interviewing a stranger and then I found it really hard for myself to go up to a stranger and do that :)  So, I took the easy way out and interviewed my mom :)  Anyway, create a generic interview or an interview created specifically for the person you choose to give it to.

My page:

This here is my interview. I gave my mom a lime green pen and had her fill in her answers.  I didn't get a chance to photo the finished page while the sun was still out so I will add her finished interview to this post sometime tomorrow.  
This was a fun page and I hope that you are able to challenge yourself through it :)
night night!


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  1. Wow.. I enjoyed reading through your journals!!
    I wish I found your blog earlier so I could join this challenge.
    Are you holding a new journal challenge for July? :p


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