06 June 2011

Prompt 7

Yesterday we showered ourselves with lovely, encouraging words.  Today it is time to shower that praise and love onto someone else!

Journal Prompt 7:  Write a love letter to someone special!  This letter can be to anyone.  Share your love with someone today and let them know that you care :)  As bonus, share this letter with the person it's directed too.

My page:

When I Adam and I were first dating, we wrote each other a ton of love letters.  I have journals full of them, shoeboxes full of them, and email folders full of them.  Now that we have been married for a couple of years, the love letter writing isn't as a flowing as it was.  I thought that I would send out a little love letter his way just to show him how much he really means to me today, and every other day!!



  1. Here are my pages so far (also uploaded to flickr): http://ikomi2.blogspot.com/2011/06/sivuja-pages.html

    Thank you for the challenge, it's been awesome!

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    Oh I thought this page was too cute! I might have to use this idea too. For the meantime, here's number 7.


  3. http://numb.honey-vanity.net/blog/?p=3429

    I also loved this prompt. I like writing letters.


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