30 June 2011

Bonus Prompt

How about a little bonus prompt??
Well, it's not really a prompt, just a little something that I always do in my journal at random times :)

Sometimes I just like to doodle little drawings or write little one line reminders or ideas. Instead of using up a whole main page in my journal, I usually do these on the back of my journal pages.  I think it adds a nice little visual element to the pages, don't you think?

Here are some of the examples from this particular journal:

I would love to see any little last minute additions you make in your journal!! Post them in the Flickr group for sure :)



  1. Love it! It really adds so much to the page.

  2. I realise that I'm like a month late - I've only just found your blog though - but I'm about to start the 30 day challenge. I'll be blogging about it over at http://dontthinkorjudge.blogspot.com
    Thanks for posting it :)

  3. yes i like the bonus little special drawing you do. i want to own cards or stationary, like your drawings janel. i'm serious.

  4. i love your journal! and your prompts :) even though I didn't take the class sister I still follow and think of how I WISH i would follow through on something like that.
    ALSO - I LOVE the coloring you did to the family tree page ... it is really add that little bit of fabulous :)

  5. i just found your journal challenge, and i love it! i'm going to get started on it today! can't wait.


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