23 June 2011

Prompt 24

I love seeing your pages!  Seriously, it's my favorite thing to do :)  I love checking the Flickr group, I do it like 5 times a day!  I know my goal was to focus on text for this journal and typography but I am LOVING all of the pages that I see with drawings and illustrations as representations too!  I am so glad that no one is feeling restricted with their creativity during this project.  I love all of the differences I am seeing!!!

Journal Prompt:  I make ____ well.  What is something that you do really well.  It could be that you make some type of food well, a type of art. etc .  Some of you may be like me and you make messes really well?  Whatever it is that you do well, document it today :)

My page:

I make quilts very well :)  It seriously took me a really long time to think of ONE thing that I do really well.  Isn't that crazy?  Whatever :)  I really like the way that this page turned out and I really do believe I make pretty good looking quilts!!



  1. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    wow I have a challenge how am I going to draw a pan of manicotti???? ;)

  2. janel, this page is awesome!! not to mention that i think your quilts are AMAZING and I would love to have one! ;)


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