20 June 2011

Prompt 21

First thing is first, I have to give a Birthday shout out to my awesome dad!! He is my number 1 blog reader so I know he will see this :)  Happy Birthday Dad!!!!  You should all leave him a Happy Birthday comment too, it will make his day :)  
OK, now on to today's journal prompt (which my dad came up with :D)

Journal Prompt:  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  Words of wisdom are awesome right?  Sometimes I just like to read through Proverbs to remind myself of all of that good advice.  What is the best advice you have gotten?

My page:

Since, today is all about my dad, I decided to copy these words of wisdom; or pieces of advice, straight from his journal :)  He had a whole page of great advice and I want to always have them documented as advice from my dad in my journal!!
I can't wait to read your word's of wisdom.  Again, I may have to do another whole page in my journal of advice from you all :)



  1. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! Man, I love your dad! I think our dads could be such great friends! :)
    Hope he has a wonderful day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Daddy Barnholtz!

  3. Love this prompt:). Happy Birthday "Dad"!!and thanks for supporting & encouraging Janel to develop and share her talents! You have blessed us all thru her.

  4. Happy Birthday Dad!!!! You raised a great Daughter.

  5. Happy Birthday Janel's Dad!

  6. nice idea for a journal page and a really good looking page!

  7. This page is so pretty, I love it! Ok, i'm gonna start thinking of what to do for mine now...

  8. Happy birthday, John Juan!! :)


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