27 June 2011

monday musings

**  So, that photo above is probable one of the prettiest things I have seen all week.  I love every single thing about it :)

**  This right here, is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen and will be doing something of the sorts with the husband in the near future (don't peek at it Adam).

**  I did a little nursery shopping on Gilt last night :)  There was so much cuteness available, and the deals that you get on Gilt just make it so irresistible sometimes :)  
Here is what a scored for our some day little girl :)

And my total was under $40.  You just can't beat that since the mobile alone is around $60 originally.  I'm so excited to get them :)
If you haven't got an invite to Gilt yet, click here, you will not regret it :)

**  Today is still stormy-central so there will be no water walking at the pool for me.  Instead, I have dedicated the morning to cleaning and purging the house.
fun fun fun.
What are you all up to today?



  1. ♥ all the pink!!

    (P.S.... "craft packets" and magazines are in your mailbox at church.)

  2. what's better than stars and pink lemonade

  3. hehehe they're all so pink!

    i feel like a kid again when i look at these :]

    -robots in trouble

  4. Oooohhhh great baby finds! I'm loving all the pink hues here.

    I will be cleaning my house, and bedroom in particular today too. Boo! x

  5. That mobile is just perfect! :D


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