04 June 2011


(my new computer!)

Today was such a fun day with the family :)  It was also a super hot day (100 degrees...eeep).  I started the morning off with my parents, hitting up garage sale after garage sale.  It's our Saturday Summer tradition and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Here are just a few of the treasures that I scored:

*  A pretty vintage quilt made from old dresses :)

*  A cutie-pie vintage typewriter

*  2 plastic doily tablecloths.  I think I am going to use them to press into clay to create a beautiful texture on bowls and vases.

*  A box of vintage lace trims, doilies, crocheted loveliness and more

*  These were too neat to pass up.  There are a ton of these little vintage prismic gum ball machine bubble things.  In each one there are about 10-15 old European postage stamps from the 30's.  I think these will look lovely just sitting in a clear bowl somewhere.

*  A vintage desk lamp

*  and about a million skeins of embroidery floss (50 cents for the lot!)

I felt like all of the garage sales were so bad but seriously we all came home with lots of treasure :)
After garage sales, Adam met up with us for lunch.  We were going through some of my parent's old things and I came home with my mom's "Senior Memories" book! It is so cool.  This kind of thing makes my heart so happy :)

After that, Adam and I had to finish our trade-ins at Best-Buy which took forever!
BUT, since it took so long, I roamed the store and founds tons of cute "impulse buy" things.  Who knew Best Buy sold journals, and Orla Kiely stuff? not me.  Plus it was all clearance stuff so it worked out perfectly!

Tonight, Adam and I are having a nice dinner, curling up on the couch and watching movies together :)  It's going to be a great night too!!
What have you all been up to today?



  1. WOW! That quilt is stunning - you've scored a ton of sweet stuff - what a great haul!!

  2. I love that Quilt! That is such a cool find!!

  3. Great finds!! I love the quilt made out of dresses...I never find cool stuff like that.

  4. janel that quilt is my idea of heaven! what i did today was family birthday cake at the park with dogs. italian restaurant tonight with family.

  5. oh & i forgot to ask, does anyone else think that blonde girl on that book cover, looks like reese witherspoon?

  6. Anonymous04 June, 2011

    I LOVE your phone cover! Where is it from?

  7. those bubble gum machine bubbles are so awesome!

  8. You got a Smash book at Best Buy on clearance??!!! Totally no fair. They are brand new! And $13.

  9. i can't believe you got all that floss for 50 cents!! that's amazing!!!

  10. You find the greatest things. I wish our garage sells had stuff like this. Looks like a fun day.

  11. I love the typewriter-my dream is to just plunk down my thoughts on one of those. Plus, I love the sound of the hammers hitting with each button being pressed! Great finds today & nice scouting work ;)

  12. !!!!!!!!!!
    BEST FINDS EVER! You must have had an amazing time! xxxxx
    I love the quilt!

  13. oh, what i would give for that quilt and typewriter! (and a new computer, too - heehee!)

  14. Such cute scores, girlie!

  15. Anonymous05 June, 2011

    great finds! I just scored a Red Smash book w/embellishments from Crafty Steals!!

    Can't wait to start on it! I also want the pink one, waiting for them to go back up for sale on their website.

  16. Whoa!! Seriously, you got a SMASH journal at BEST BUY????


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