12 June 2011

date night

Adam and I have taken to ending our weekends with a date night at the park.  We are very fortunate to live behind an amazing park.  It has everything and it's so beautiful.  We get ice cream, and take Catalina on a walk right before sunset.  At sunset, we find a little spot, and watch the sun go down.   It's such a great tradition and one I look forward to share with our children some day :)  

Here are some iphone pics from tonight's little date night to the park:


a lovely end to a lovely weekend :)
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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL, I'm glad you're taking advantage of your gorgeous surroundings! And such a wonderful tradition :)

  2. Awwww......love it!
    (I missed you at church on Sunday!)

  3. perfection!! <3 Love this post! You guys are way too cute and of course any blog post that includes pics of the CUtest dog niece is always a fav :0) Love you!


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