29 September 2009

perfect love expels all fear <3

This is what my life looks like every time I take one of Rachel and Elsie's online classes :)

I love it. Im not only constantly working on projects but I am 1,000% inspired to create all of the time!
Do you see Catalina's little bed in the background? It is her favorite thing ever but it is soooooo not going with my decor. It is pink and brown cheetah print :) LOL. So I decided to start recovering it to better suite our style. One of our online projects was an embroidered text pillow. I embroidered 'Cat' on some vintage feedsack cloth to cover the pillow part of the bed :)

Can I tell you that I totally thought I was hillarious for a good two seconds for embroidering Cat on a dog bed :) It's her name though :)
I also have been working on my Autumn Loves journal. Here are two pages that have been added to:

Oh, and I made over 60 paper cranes today! Unreal. Lots of little cranes flying out tomorrow:

AND I also wanted to share some lovely quilt squares that came this week:
Huge thanks to

(also thank you for the lovely lovely amazing goodies that came with it :D)

(another package full of amazing goodies too!!)
and Lehua (who has the most beautiful handwriting):

Oh and there is this amazing giveaway on Katja's blog: www.maedchenmitherz.wordpress.com.

You can win absolutely anything from her etsy shop!! Everything is soooo cute :)
Finally, I am going to share some of my new favorites from the RVA update today:

eeeek! love love love.
Tomorrow is my favorite day :D
Today was hard. I had to say goodbye to a wonderful lady who was so inspiring with her love for Christ. She is with Him now...
Tomorrow brings a new day, a new beginning, i looooooove all of you!


  1. Your journal pages are wonderful!
    How great is the woodgrain tote? I purchased one yesterday!

  2. I adore your Autumn Loves journal! Very cute! :)

    I may have to buy myself a woodgrain tote. I'm falling in love..!

  3. awww...thanks! glad you got the square! <3

    &&& i'm so jealous you're taking the e&r class. i wish i had the time to take it.

  4. your "life" looks like so much fun!

    and i love the irony of catalina's name being on the dog bed. i hope she loves it as much as her original.

    your crane idea is so cute. i love that you are always looking for ways to show your love for your readers. i wish i had the time!

  5. :) I see cranes! I'm sooo excited :D

    I'm working on my keep it a secret pouch :D:D:D! I found (stole from my mom) the cutest fabric!yay


  6. I love that tote too! And so much other stuff!!! My wish list is getting longerrrrrr with every update! I need some spending money. Soon. Sorry to hear of your loss. =( At least she's in a (much) better place! That's a lot of happy mail going out!!!!

  7. :) I love that you're way messy too! That looks like my coffee table!

    Hilarious about the CAT on the pup's bed :)

  8. You ARE super funny (Cat / Dog ... lol). Love your journal pages!!!
    Could you maybe send some of those creative juices over to me!! Please? hehe

  9. A messy work area means productivity. Mine is so bear right now >_<
    So excited for the new RVA stuff!

  10. ha ha my craft room looks like a bomb went off in it...I'm blaming rachel and elsie! love the curly hair! :o)


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