10 September 2009

a little mini book

I made a little mini book of my trip to Springfield. I wanted this to be a pretty simple book, not over the top like most of my minis :)
Here you go:

I love it :) Now, I can add it to my suitcase of mini books.
Tomorrow is Friday!!


  1. So Cute!! Looked like a fun time!!

  2. really cute!

    makes your fun time look even better,

  3. I swear girl you are such an inspiration! How do you find time to do all that you do? Do you sleep? I can't ever seem to be able to even print pictures to make albums!

    Do you have your own printer you use or do you go somewhere to print your pictures? Any time saving tips?

    LOVE the album. Looks like it was a blast!

  4. Thank you ladies :)
    Amber, I print my pics at Walgreens, I send them online and then pick them up. My tip for you is just to use stuff that you already have. I have so much stuff from big scrapbook stores and I never use it. I just cut poster board to 5x7 and then covered both sides with grid paper and glued the pics on :) A little bit of doodling and journaling and masking tape is what made the extra details :)
    If you have any other questions, just ask :)


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