17 September 2009


This is how weird I am...I am already sick of the photobooth picture with me and the polaroid being at the top of my blog :) The crappy lighting is stressing me out. Sometimes that totally happens to me! So, in honor of my OCD, I am posting about another one of my favorite blogs!!

Orange You Lucky

I loooove everything about her illustrations and her style is always inspiring. The illustration that she posted today is my favorite:

I love it because it kind of looks like the unicorn that my room was done in when I was 2. She was brown with little flowers all over her. Apples would have been cooler though :)
So, I saw it and I loved and I thought that I would share some of her other illustrations that I love so much:

She makes me happy when skies are grey :) love love love her work. I can not wait to share some of my new journal pages with you later, probably tomorrow. They also make me happy when skies are grey.
Tonight I am soooo sad that we have to go back to work tonight for school stuff becaussssse The Office season premier is TONIGHT!!

I was seriously counting down the days!! I can not wait. Also, Project Runway. I am hoping that my main man reads this blog post and remembers to DVR my shows for me. (pretty please?).
Ok, Im out!

P.S. Is anyone else like COMPLETELY obsessed with The Draper's headboard?? I want it sooooo bad!!


  1. yes I love the headboard so much!

  2. Ohhhhhhh. . .that headboard is FANTASTIC. .. LOVE IT. .. my new favourite colour. . .and the premier of The Office was hilarious. . you soooo have to catch it:)

  3. i did send my quilt square like two days ago, so you should be getting it any day now :)


  4. I'm a huge Helen Dardik fan. :)

  5. love everything in this post!!!! i think i love almost everything in the madmen sets...the outfits, the decor.....i have even started collecting old glass fancy liquor bottles like they use in madmen on their bar carts in their offices.....i am thinking of filling mine with buttons though or leaving them empty :) so pretty.

  6. I love the office too!!!!! My power went out for like 10 mins during it :(

  7. Orange You Lucky's illustrations remind me of Mary Blair's style, I love it.


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