16 September 2009

almost finished :)

I am almost finished with this lovely mermaid:

I just ran out of magenta so I couldn't finish her coral.
Also, this is me today sporting my gangster look.

I REALLY do always make this face apparently :)lol
I need a new look!! Help me??


  1. what a pretty mermaid! i'm still holding on to the hope that they're real, just undiscovered :). i probably watched waayy too much little mermaid when i was little

  2. that mermaid is sooo cute! i need to embroider some for our playroom. [it's neverland themed.] haha! i always make that face! it's just instinct when i'm taking a picture for online. lol. so i'm no help... sorry.


    ps-i mailed your quilt square and monogram yesterday.

  3. Sooo cute! I've been aching to do some embroidery...but I'm not sure what to do!

    Speaking of which...grr @ my post office! My patch got sent back to me yesterday. At first I was thinking that maybe it's always my fault things get kicked back to me...but it cannot be me all this time - I know how to put stamps on an envelope! haha

    Anyways...sending it back out to you tomorrow (at the 'good' post office :P)! :D

  4. Oh :O hi hi :) thanks for the comment!
    I love your blog, I come here all the time is beeeeautiful yay



  5. hi! Came across your blog from freckled nest, which I came to from elsie's blog... :) ANYHOW, LOVE it! Its cute. The mermaid is adorable. I seem to have the problem finishing any embroidery. I love to design the patterns, but havent embroidered in MONTHS. You've kinda given me a newfound spark for it. :)

  6. oh oh oooooh your mermaid is such a doll! I just bought that pattern, I can't wait to try it out.

    and girl, you are the definition of gangsterrrr. fo sho.

  7. Love your mermaid!!! What are you going to do with it????
    And I think you should stick with your gangsta look. It's my 'go to' look as well. =) (along with flashing some deuces, lol)
    Love you!!! xoxo


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