17 September 2009

so random :)

1. I got a box from UO today containing some film for my polaroid camera:

I'm obsessed :)
It also contained this pack of polaroid note cards (which are amazingly beautiful btw):

2. A big thank you to Amber who sent me this adorable quilt square today!!!

I loooove it! Remember I am choosing a winner on Sunday for my quilt :)
3. I have been winding embroidery floss like it's going out of style:

I have actually run out of room in this box, I need a new one, a bigger one because I have soooooo many more skeins to go.
4. Here are some beautiful pics that I found while blog reading today, and I apologize that I don't have the orignal cred for them :(

heavenly <3
5. I loooooove that Elsie is doing the weekly journaling prompts for our online class!! Her prompts were my absolute favorite part of her first online class. It changed the way that I looked at journaling and now I do it daily :) Thanks Els <3
6. God is good all the time :)


  1. I love the second photo of the veil/curtain/piece of lacy fabric over the water. It reminds me of somewhere I used to live 11 years ago. I'm loving Rachel and Elsie's class too - finished my mini album today and starting on the bonus journalling now!! xx

  2. my quilt spare should be arriving shortly. I sent it out on Tuesday morning. Hope you get it in time!




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