05 September 2009

a great day :)

Dear Springfield and RVA,

like sooooo much!

Today was a lovely end to our trip to Springfield. I really feel super blessed to be able to call Elsie and Jeremy friends for life. Amazing people :)
Also, check out what I got while I was at the shop:

That Indie Husband is soooo good to me :) He also got it because he looooves Vivs and her work almost as much as I do. I feel like an official Robot with this cuuuuute bear hat!!!
Here are the last few pics from Springfield this morning:

When I got home there were two more quilt sqaures in my mail box!!! I am looooving this!
Thank you to Carly:

and Jess:

AND AND AND!! I also received these lovely RVA goodies courtesy of my very sweet friend, Chelsey :)

Thank you sooooo much. Your kindness is overwhelming :)
My blog friends are the BEST!!
Alright friends, I am soooo tired and I think that I am going to watch a little bit of Season 2 Mad Men and then head off to dreamland :)


  1. Yay! You got your quilt square! I cannot wait to see the finished product!


  2. night night ** sweet dreams... about a little red fox :D

  3. awww...those quilt squares are fab. :]

  4. my square! glad you like it! i totally don't know how to embroider so the doily i thought was a cute idea :)

  5. oh good, you got your stuff!!

    all of the pictures are great--looks like you had sooooo much fun!


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