06 September 2009


So, today I decided to work on my NEW 2010 planner kit from RVA. This is the coolest kit ever. I am soooo excited to have a planner that I am 100% in love with :) There are a few more finishing touches that I want to add to it, like envelopes for little collected goodies from each month, more embroidery, and some personal pictures and so on but here is the progress that I have made on it soooo far.
I will share some of my favorite pages thus far:

I am really excited about it!! I can not wait to see what everyone else does with their kits. If you post pics, link them in my comments so I can see!! Now, I am soooo excited that I still have one more day of crafty fun tomorrow, yay! I just might be back later with some more fun things that I am working on :)


  1. hey girly! i loooove this! you have been one busy lady! :D can't wait to see the rest... need lots of ideas for when i start mine!!

  2. Awwww! I didn't think I needed one until I just saw yours!!! I looove it!!! xoxo

  3. oh very lovely!! Ok I’m officially going to order mine it looks like a perfect planner

  4. I love everything you do. You have such a lovely, special place here in blog land and it makes me happy visiting here.

  5. woah, I'm definitely going to have to order one of these!


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