07 September 2009

what's in my bag?

I have never done one of these before and honestly, I was tempted to call it, What's NOT in my bag:)
Mind you it is a HUGE bag (and a knock off btw):

and here is it's contents:

1. wallet
2. bills
3. old school rayban sunglasses
4. betsey Johnson sunglasses
5. My real prescription glasses
6. olive green nerd glasses
7. black nerd glasses
8. postage stamps from USA
9. Postage stamps from Ireland (why?)
10. a lot of pens
11. glue stick
12. two lip glosses
13. lotion
14. perfume
15. coffee cozie (polkadotrobot)
16. RVA vinyl
17. ring
18. my phone
19. prep and prime
20. MK&A bronzer
21. Moo cards
22. inhaler
23. card holder wallet (Dainty Squid)
24. headband (RVA)
25. pocket mirror (from Jamie)
26. bobby pins
That is soooooo much!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I have to have that much stuff with me :) That's why I carry big bags. Yikes!
Today we are doing a major cleaning of the house and then having my parents over for Labor Day dinner and games!
good times.
Happy Labor Day!

P.S. I promise that I am going to refinish my table some day. That way you won't have to keep looking at it in all of it's scratched and dented glory :)


  1. fun! i just did that recently too: http://suzyville.blogspot.com/2009/08/its-in-bag.html
    love your wallet!!!

  2. That is so fun Janel!

    I think I will have to do this too. :)


  3. that's so much stuff!
    this reminds me of this thing me and my friends used to do.
    we'd each put a completely random, odd object in our purse before we went to school each day.
    and whoever had the weirdest thing won.
    silly, but fun!

  4. I have always wanted to do this. I think I will have to do this tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! Is that Escada perfume? I love the stuff they do. So summery!

  5. i LOOOOOVE when people posts these types of things! Makes me feel like I know them a little bit more!

    Yay for sharing!!! Miss you!

  6. HAHAHAH. so fun! i want to do this!


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