26 September 2009

oh kansas city...

how I love thee <3
We are in Kansas City for the weekend to celebrate my sister's bachelorette weekend. We are staying in this amazing suite in an amazing hotel in the Plaza, which is...amazing!!
This morning we went to brunch at the Farmer's Market. The smells, the colors, the fall inspiration everywhere was beautiful <3

I keep finding cutie 28's that I am taking pics of (the day we got married):

Ummm....anthropologie?!?! I want to marry you <3

and OMG!!! Remember the dream couch?!? Like the one that I loved sooo much from urban outfitters, but the shipping took 5 weeks so I cancelled it and then got my other couch??? I saw it in the store today at UO and it literally is for a 6 year old. Let's put it this way, it was on a table for the display. Here is my friend Laura looking like a giant on this teeny tiny couch

CRAZY! you have no idea how much I laughed when I saw it and how happy I am that we cancelled it before it came. Yet, it was soooo small it would probably only cost five bucks to send it back.
Tonight we are headed out to the Power and Light District to hit the "clubs." Oh geez...not my scene but it will be fun I am sure. good times!


  1. Glad you're having a fun weekend! And I had to LOL when I saw the couch! So glad you didn't get it, tho seeing your face when it arrived could have been pretty priceless!!!! xo

  2. I really love that you are taking pics of the 28's. that's SUCH a great idea. You could frame them all in squares of a collage frame from pottery barn or something.


  3. omg so much fun. how a great trip!

  4. bahaha that couch is so tiny!!! we had one like that and it was insanely uncomfortable....boo!
    ok i really really wanna take a trip to the nearest city with anthropologie...which i think is hours away!! i have only been in that store once before!!! oh my!

  5. Those pictures of the farmer's market are just amazing. I love the colors of all those spices and flowers. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. Say congratulations to your sister from us!

  6. Oh wow! awesome pics :')!! love them! I wish I had a farmers market like that in here. well I think there's one near my house but it opens really early for just some hours and like saturday. no way jose XD haha :)!

    awe 27 is my daughters birthday and the day her dad and I first kissed. awww XD

  7. Yay for KC! I love the Plaza!!!! :-) The shops always rock my socks off! I'm glad you are having such a great time with your sister and friends!

  8. So, uhm, wow. I am sooooo excited that I get to make Kansas City my new home in December!

    Hope the rest of your time there is awesome!


    P.S. Cutest shirt ever, Janel!

  9. It sounds like you're having a great time! I love the colours of the farmers market. I'm sad that they're going away or getting smaller soon. The food tastes much better from there than the supermarket! x

  10. oh that is FUNNY!!!!
    joel and i laughed... sometimes you never knoe what you're going to get! thank goodness!!

  11. i.

  12. I love the paper planes!

  13. i hope this comment works this time... for some reason, it doesn't like to. but i LOVE the pics from this post? do you have some that you could snapfish to me? purty please?


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