30 September 2009

October Goals:

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1. Reach 185 followers on my blog (you can totally help me with that :D)
2. Find a cute Halloween costume for myself, Adam, and Catalina
3. Find my sister the perfect house warming gift
4. be the best Maid of Honor
5. Finish my sister's peacock quilt before her wedding (October 17)
6. Finish the give-a-way quilt (it's soooo almost done :D)
7. make plans for Adam's family to come and visit
8. send out loads of Happy Mail
9. re-paint our hallway
10. get curtains for the living room
11. crochet a granny square
12. get red highlights
13. Be a blessing to others as much as possible
14. Read two books
15. Be healthier
16. go to a pumpkin patch
17. carve a rad jack-o-lantern
18. wear my hair curly more :D Today it's curly, what do you think??

Happy almost October


  1. you can send me all the happy mail you want ;) hehe... i like your october goals!! inspiring me to make my own october goals... course... i really need to finish my "25 things before 25" list... haha.. that's the number one thing on my october goal... haha!! :)


  2. um hello!! your hair looks SOOO pretty curly. maybe i'm biased as i'm a curly girl as well...regardless, it looks so good! wear it like that eeeeveryday!

    secondly, WHERE did you find that photo of the hello kitty pumpkin? i'm not sure if you follow/read my blog but if you do, you will know that i am OBSESSED with her (hello kitty) and actually, am being her for halloween this year!!!! i just decided two nights ago so it's suitable that you posted that photo. i hope you don't mind if i borrow it (if it's yours)

  3. :) I like the curliness!

    ahhhhh I have a wedding quilt I'm trying to finish, it's the traditional wedding quilt with the circles, and it's slowly killing me lolol I do not like sewing circles lol but I love the like gal who's getting it!

    Good luck with your peacock quilt! I wanna see it once you're finished!

  4. Janel,

    Your hair TOTALLY looks awesome curly!! And I love your list, there are so many things on it that I also need to do....time to get busy I guess ;}


  5. Love the curly!!!
    Great goals!!! I need to do this too.
    And you're a blessing to me EVERY DAY!!! xoxo

  6. i LOVE your hair! you're so lucky! i have super straight hair & no matter what you do it, it will no hold. maybe for an hour at the most.

    &&& that pumpkin...ADORABLE!

  7. Ooooohh. I like the curly hair! I have the opposite goal that you do...I want to start actually wearing my hair straight more!

    Hehe. And I love your goal aboue being a blessing! I think you already are such a blessing to all fo those you come into contact with!


  8. Love the pumpkin!

  9. I totally love your hair all curly! So natural!!
    Great list girlie!! Can't wait to see what costume you pick out!!

  10. Love the goals for October...you have inspired me to write up some for myself!

    That Hello Kitty pumpkin is so stinking cute!

    And I am digging the curls. Is it natural or do you curl it yourself? I need to do something different with my hair, the old standbye pony tail is getting tiresome!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  11. that is one groovy pumpkin.
    curls = shnazzy! love.

  12. you look so pretty with curly hair--a definite do to re-do.

    i got the happy mail list from love bombers, and i'm going to start looking for stuff to mail soon. so excited!

    you guys should be the characters from three's company. i'm not sure how that would be achieved (aside from wigs and cool seventies clothes), but that's all i could come up with.

  13. ok I am obsessed with Hello Kitty I want that pumpkin! Check out my kitchen if you get a chance. Love your have that way!

  14. Janel, love your hair curly and the red streaks would be hot!

    What a great idea to current a goal list for the month this is something I will have to do.

    Oh and the new quilt square are so cute1


  15. I love your hair curly! Very pretty! I wish my hair did curly well... it just does frizz...

    I like your goals! I should try monthly goals :)

  16. Great goals! :D

    And ooooh girl the curls look great! How in the world did you get your hair to curl?? I can never do it...but I want them so much!! haha

  17. 100% love the curls...your so beautiful!

  18. cute blog ♥

    wheres your layout from?


  19. I LOVE your hair curly!!! And that hello kitty pumpkin is the cutest pumpkin I think I have ever seen!


  20. Well you can cross No.13 off. You already are a blessing.

    I was going to comment on your hair before I got to the bottom of you post. It looks fantastic! So pretty.

  21. omg, my coworker and I are obsessed with the Hello Kitty pumpkin!

  22. Love your goals! They sound fun and rather worthwhile! :-) And as everyone else has already said, your curly hair is gorgeous.


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