07 September 2009

labor day pics

My Labor Day was full of embroidery and cleaning, eating, family and shopping :) I would DEFINITELY say it was a great Labor Day.
* Adam made his delicous eggplant parmesean and asparagus for dinner that we made my parents as a thank you meal for everything they do for us. It's nice to be able to bless people who are such huge blessings to us. I made the dinner a "Labor Day" theme. :) Each person had a place card depicting their jobs:
My mom

she used to be a flight attendent :)

the art teacher
My dad

was a lineman for AT&T and is now management :)
and Adam

who starts his job as customer support for AT&T!!
Yay!! He's not even nervous!?!? I am sooooo excited and proud of him :)
* After dinner we headed out shopping to get Adam a work wardrobe. He hasn't bought any new clothes for himself since we got married (1 outift), and before that nothing. He needed new clothes and he looks soooooo cute in everything that he got :)
* Finally, I worked on the front cover for my planner :) I loooooove it. I was totally inspired by the pictures that Elsie posted of hers on the RVA blog....soooooo cute!
I also added some other little extras :)
Here are some more planner pics:

Loving it! Tomorrow, it is back to reality :) Say lots of prayers for Adam's first day of work!!
MadMen time.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! You'll be getting my quilt block by the end of the week. Sorry it took forever, but life has just been insane!!! Love you!!!

  2. Congrats to Adam! Good luck, I hope his first day was fabulous! And I love your planner, I may just have to make one myself!

  3. cute planner for cute you! love it!

  4. awesome job on the embroidery! and you made me hungry for some pasta!

    i'll be saying some prayers for adam's first day!!!


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