27 September 2009

lovely weekend

This weekend was fun.
Super fun!
I had soooo much fun with all of my girls and my sister was the most beautiful bachelorette ever!!

love her <3
Good times were had by all.
P.S. I love this little display of origami cranes that was at Starbucks

I used to make these all of the time!
Tonight I came home to my honey and my sweet little Catalina and I am back to creating!! I can't wait to share some of the things that I have been making!!


  1. HOT STUFFS! You girls are the cutest.
    And those origami birds are so awesome! Imagine how cute a mobile made of origami birds would be for a little nursery! :]

  2. so glad you had such a great trip! love the origami cranes! reminds me of the japanese exchange students we would have every year!

  3. Fun post...and I love the cranes. This is the third time today that I've seen an origami crane. I have got to learn how to fold one of these!!!

  4. That pic of you two is really great! Glad you had fun but you were missed this weekend in the online world! ;)
    Hope you have a great Monday!!!

  5. heyyyy! Have you tried looking for cutie plaid shirts at Old Navy? I'm sure you have, but I wear a XXL in some things and I find TONS of cute XXL stuff there. Plus they're having major sales going on right now. (50% off the sale prices!!!) Also I hate to say it, but Wal-Mart has some super cute shirts in the buffalo plaid print right now too. Weird right? I also shop vintage men's shirts too haha

    <3 this post! you two girls are so cute!

  6. yay for seesters! i love your earrings! xoxo

  7. ahhhh! your weekend looks like so much fun.
    now i want to move to the east coast!

  8. Yay for fun weekends! Can't wait to see what you've been making. Did you enter my giveaway? Thanks for your lovely comments on my planner :) x

  9. ahahah you looked like your weekend was as fun as mine! lol
    Loving those cranes, too!

  10. Great photo and I love those paper cranes. I still have the two you made for me in our Happy Mail exchange. :)

  11. Happy so to be a bride to your sis! Aww now I miss my sister!! ;)

    I need to know how many people helped it the crazy crane thing :)
    Can I force my family to make a zillion cranes? hmmmm

  12. love the cranes!

    love all of your pictures from the post below as well. it looks like you had such a fun time exploring!

  13. love the pic of you and Nicole!


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