12 September 2009

miss indie

So, it's 4 in the morning and my allergies are driving me crazy. I can't sleep so I, of course, am reading blogs. So, despite my feeling yuck, and being super tired, I HAD to write a post about this blog (I love it):

Miss Indie is sooooo cute don't you think?

I am actually super bummed because I just read on her blog that she was at the RVA Nerd Party too and I missed her :( I would have loooved to have met her and to have become blog BFF's but, maybe next time :)
So, not only is her blog so stinkin cute, I am drooling over her Etsy shop. The only bad thing about google reader is that you miss out on the actual "blog," So, although I am a loyal follower of her blog, I was totally oblivious to her awesome Etsy!! Insane. Her handmade fashions are ridiculously beautiful and totally affordable :) Here are some of my favorites:

I soooo wish I wasn't poor right now :) Come autumn and I MUST own some of these. I mean, did you see the Griffyndor scarf??? MUST HAVE!!!
So, go to her blog, go to her Etsy, follow her, add her cute blog button, buy from her, whatever :)
She is so rad.
good night or good morning...
oh, and totally off subject, but since I am totally obsessed now with Mad Men and finally caught up, I Mad Men'd myself :)



  1. I keep hearing everything about this show!! I tried watching one on TV, but I most def have to go back to the beginning as I was lost. I did love the outfits though :) Okay. So I guess I must break down and Mad Man myself. ... Maybe I'll see if I can find it to rent for November when my baby comes and I'm at home... a lot :) Love the blog!!


  2. Looove those hats! And that necklace with the flower on the side!!! Going to check it all out now!!! ;)

  3. ah, poor girl. I was up at 4 am too...but ended up watching America's Next Top Model and photo editing, LOL. Here stuff is wonderful!
    miss you guts!
    xoxo kimi

  4. I already had her shop favorited! Looove her stuff. I'd never found her blog before tho but she has my button on it!! Totally following now!!!

  5. oh my goodness, I am totally blushing right now. you are too sweet for words!!
    thank you so much for making me your 4am blog post, I am incredibly honored :] I lovelovelove your blog and so wish we could've met at Elsie's nerd party!
    we'll have to chat it up at the next one!

  6. Don't even start with me about Mad Men... finally just rented Season 1 Disc 4 today (I've been on a waitlist for 3 weeks). Then onto Season 2, and catch up with Season 3... ps, I was totally addicted after disc 1. hehe :-)


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