17 September 2009

a great day for mail <3

Yesterday was a looooong day at work. I am talking 8am to 7pm. So, when I opened the mailbox to envelopes galore, I was sooooo happy!
 I recieved FIVE quilt squares in the mail yesterday. YAY!!! You have no idea how excited I was to get these. Like a kid in a candy store.
All of the squares are sooo beautiful too!!
Check them out:

**  A big thank you to:  Crissy

to Jen:

To Christen:

to Miss Indie:

and to Katie Cupcake!!

Aren't they all gorgeous?  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who are helping me out with this quilt project!  I can't wait to start sewing it all together <3


  1. Yay you got mine!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. don't hate me because mine's not done yet! message me when the absolute deadline for me to just send it to you is (it makes me sad that i haven't finished it yet, so believe me, if you want to beat me up i'm doing the job myself!).

    all of them are sooo pretty!

  3. Oh I love that spider one!!! Very cute Crissy!

  4. Woah, that is going to one colourful and super awesome quilt! I can't wait to see all those blocks put together!

  5. Haha I didn't see this post, I thought you hadn't gotten mine yet :P

    I'm so excited to see how this quilt turns out, everyone is soooo talented!


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