08 September 2009

oh granny!

Oh how I want to learn how to make one of these!!
Like really really bad :(

Im a pretty quick learner but I just have this stigma about crocheting. One of my autumn goals is to complete at least on granny square. Does anyone have advice, any awesome tutorials, anything??
Thank you for your help with this :)


  1. There must be 20 or more "tutorial" videos on youtube. Check it out! (I never realized "granny squares" were such a popular item!!)

  2. that looks so neat.
    i want to learn, too.

  3. you may have just inspired me to make a how-to vid.... hmmmm :)

  4. i hope hollysarah does make a how-to video--there can never be enough!

    rachel did a post on the rva blog about making granny squares awhile back and included some links to video tutorials on youtube. they're good, but i think i'm too slow to keep up!

  5. so i tried for an hour tonight and I want to punch the granny who came up with this square!! I can't get past the first stinking step where you double stitch through the loop. Ahhhhh!!! I give up...officially. Unless HS makes a tutorial that I can understand.

  6. i looked for best books for it. and came across this site...this book looks really cool.

  7. BTW- I would never punch a granny :) I have NEVER in my life disliked a craft sooo much. Can someone just make me one and send it to me so I can pretend that I made it :) LOL

  8. I had a problem with crochet until I had a lesson at a craft fair. One lesson was all it took for me to be able to do it and I find it sooo much easier than knitting too!! The Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker book is the greatest too - that's what taught me to granny square!!


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