03 September 2009

Holy Cuteness!!

Oh my goodness, I have stumbled upon the CUTEST Etsy shop ever :) When I was young, I was a girl scout. I was super serious about it and I loved everything about it. One of my most favorite things was earning the merit badges. If I could still earn merit badges for life today, I would totally go for it!! Does anyone else feel the same way? If so, you will love this shop so much too!! 

This cute shop:

They actually sell these amazing merit badges for everyday activities :)

"Each badge is lovingly silk-screened in dark brown, hand painted with colour, and hand embroidered. All done on cotton and cotton blends, reinforced with interfacing and cotton padding for strength. Also has a pin back sewn to the back for easy attachment to your favourite sweater or jacket." (exerpt from the shop)

Each merit badge comes on one of these lovely cards:

There are over 40 different merit badges that you can earn there :)
Here are some of my favorites:
For "Quitting Cold Turkey"
For "Tying the Knot"
For "Being a dirt bag" :D
For "Having some meat on your bones"
For "Barking up the wrong tree"
For "Being sharp as a tack!"
For "Being birds of a feather"
For "Being proud as a peacock"
For "Surviving your first love"
For "Making your house a home"
For "Being busy as a bee"
For "Knocking my socks off"
For "Pushing the envelope" 

Jump over there, and tell me which merit badges you would earn from their shop :) I love it!! I may have to start making some of these for me and my friends :)


  1. How weird!! I was JUST thinking about this earlier! I think everyone should do a merit badge swap or something! lol

  2. these are the cutest. i loooove the birds of a feather set.

  3. OMG I love these! i totally loved girl scouts and can't wait to have little girls to get them involved. I did happen to come across a book I purchased. It has badges for doing stuff. I need to actually go through it!


    Miss ya!! loves you!

  4. thnk you for following me!! you are awesome lol
    love love love all the embroidery! sooo cute!

  5. I was never a girl scout, I'm sad to say. But this is sooo awesome! I loooove these! We should totally do a badge swap!!! Great idea, Ashley! hehehe

  6. Oh how I wish they weren't so expensive! I was a Brownie but dropped out after the first meeting :\

  7. ooooh boy, i think i am gonna love this shop! i'll have to check back in with you with my fave!

  8. Love Love Love! This is too cute. And I love Ashley's idea of a merit badge swap!

  9. i am in love! their shop is so cute!
    thanks for sharing :]

    why can't there be girl scouts for us older girls? i miss it so much!

  10. very cute! I found your blog for the first time today! I'm definitely going to be back! if you've got time, i'd love it if you'd come stop by our family's art journal!


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