23 September 2009

wednesday is my favorite <3

Wowza friends. Thank you so much for commenting in my last post!! The last time that I looked, there were 50 comments!! Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have even close to that many comments on every post? I would be the happiest little blogger ever!!!
* Today I was feeling kind of yucky so I took a nap when I got home and accidently slept until 9:30. Yikes! So, now I am wired, this post is going to be a little random so bare with me loves :)
* Ok, this morning before work, I finished the quilt top for my give-a-way quilt. I am in love with it so far and I hope that Crissy likes it too!!

* Here are some more lovely lovely quilt squares that I have received in the past couple of days!! :
Big thanks to Corinne:

to Erika:

to Caitlin:

to Brenna:

and to Angela:

* Now, along with Angela's quilt square came the world's greatest package full of all kinds of goodies!! Vintage paper, an owl mug, teacher goodies, two granny squares (that I hung on my Inspiration Board so that I will be inspired to not give-up on trying to make one of my own :D)

and my very own Granny Square afghan!!

I love love love it. I have it right on my couch so I can pull it down and snuggle with it on these soon-to-be cool autumn nights:D Thank you thank you thank you Angela for being so lovely and kind!
* I baked cookies tonight for Adam to come home to:

* I am obsessed with these two-bite pumpkin pies.

Like obsessed! Like they are the cause of my extra long nap I think.....too much sugar!! But soooo worth it too :)
* Last night I made a long, felt, leaf, autumn-inspired garland to hang from my light about our kitchen table :)

inspired by the one in Elsie's photo.
Alright, hopefully in all of that randomness, you have found something to comment on :D Have a great rest of your night.
I love love lovie you <3


  1. I absolutely love the green in your first photo. And that quilt design with the blue circles and the dragonfly amazes me. Wow, very nice. Thanks for the cookie picture, reminds me I have some cookies downstairs. I think I'll have to go get some now.

  2. Love the work!
    Ok, now I need cookies!

  3. Oh Wow Janel!!! Your quilt top is sooo beautiful! Love the colors! Crissy is a lucky girl!!! Wowza on the happy mail package!!! And I love the garland you made! What a great place to hang it!!! Love that idea!!! Hope you're feeling better!!! xoxo

  4. can i just say... i'm super envious of the girl getting the gorgeous quilt! looooooooooving it!

  5. those pumpkin pies look to die for. anything mini is automatically cuter!

  6. How beautiful everything is. I love the quilt top! It is lovely and I sure Chrissy will treasure it.

  7. so happy you got the quilt square!! :)
    ok loving the granny square quilt! so wonderful!!! i think we need to learn granny squares together! i can knit but can't really crochet well, and i tried granny squares and get so frustrated!!
    now i want to eat cookies, mini pies, and make a leaf garland! yay for autumn!

  8. Janel Love...I'm so glad u loved everything. Ur quilt top looks perfect. The granny squares are the best size for ur inspo boards. Looking wonderful!

    Xoxo. A

  9. don't give up on the granny square! I WILL re-do that tutorial soon.
    ps: love the idea of the garland on your light fixture, I may have to try that. :)

  10. I love the afghan! I'm in the middle of making my own granny square cushion so have to finish that first before I can move onto the afghan! x

  11. Wonderful quilt top! I have one I've been meaning to work on forever now, this has inspired me to get started! And I agree, I can't wait for those cool fall nights that require blankets either!

  12. i wanna make that garland too and the square look awesome!

  13. Bee-yoo-tee-full quilt top, Janel! I can't believe that you just started quilting recently!

    I was wondering what fabric you used in the quilt. I am really thinking about making one with a similar color scheme, and I really like a lot of the fabrics that you used. Also, how much fabric did you need for it? I want to do something simple with maybe a larger squares...

    Have a great day!


  14. Janelerelly-
    I check your blog every morning during my newscast. I love it! your quilts are amazing. I hope one of them makes it into the circle at the Cha Cha potluck. Miss your face.

  15. I love the quilt top!! And the granny squares inspire..one day I hope to make one!!

  16. Now I want mini pumpkin pies! I love the leaf garland. In fact, I might make one for my sister.

  17. Jess- let me look on my etsy purchases and I will send you the link to wear the fabric is from!

    Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments!!

  18. oh i want to steal your afghan its beautiful!

    the quilt is gorgeous!! I can't wait. :o) I *love* green, you have no idea...

  19. Hey those cookies looked amazing, can you give us the recipe?

  20. The quilt looks great!
    I am working on a leaf garland too. Hope to finish it this weekend!! Love that you hung it around your light!

  21. The quilt is absolutely beautiful! It's funny that you took an extra long nap yesterday as I did the same thing (accidently) on Tuesday night. I think it's a teacher thing. Having to be so patient starting the new year REALLY wears me out!

    (I have a top secret pumpkin torte recipe to die for if you are interested. :)


  22. the quilt top is so pretty--what a great job! love all the squares that you're getting as well (good job guys!).

    I don't like pumpkin pie, but those two-bite ones still look so sweet.

    the garland is really pretty as well.

    love you. love the blog.

    naps rule.

  23. Lovely squares!! I think I licked the screen trying to get to the two-bite pumpkin pie bites. hehe

  24. Yea!!! So glad you got my square! Can't wait to see all of the pretty squares put together for your BFF quilt!

  25. ooh granny square afgans are my favorite! I have one on my couch from my great-grandma from a loooong time ago. I am loving reading early in the morning with my coffee and granny square blanket in this cool weather... *sigh* - happiness :)


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