02 September 2009

My life this week :)

So, I got home from Bible Study tonight and sat on my couch. I looked down at the coffee table and this is EXACTLY what I saw:

I have been doing loads of creating! Adam and I finished season one of MadMen and are awaiting pay day so that we can rent season two. We are officially hooked :)
**My goal for next week is to complete some projects before starting new ones. That way I am not quilting, painting, and embroidering all at once. I painted a new painting tonight, autumn inspired, and I loooove it! I will post pics when it is finished.
In other news, Adam and I are headed to Springfield, Missouri Friday night for the RVA nerd party :) I can not wait!!
Alright, off to paint, paint, paint <3


  1. Haha...I totally hear you. I've got the same thing going on, lol. I have so many ideas...so now I'm having to force myself to finish up some other things before starting on them (of course, so that I don't go absolutely nuts! :P)

    Hope you take lots of pics of the nerd party! Gosh, I wish I lived closer to MO...a nerd party sounds PERFECT! :)

  2. Ohhh what a lovely inspirational mess!!! <3 the colors!

  3. i am so glad you are hooked on mad men! so wonderful hey?? i just love the clothing and decorating of that era! i am super excited to see your new painting!!!!! and ummm super jealous you are going to the nerd party! have an absolute blast!!! xo

  4. Ha. I love when my coffee table looks like that!

  5. sadly, i work until midnight :(.


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