19 February 2009

Sketches #6 and #7

Here are the sketches for day 6 and day 7. Now I am finally caught up after I do the sketch for today :) I love this challenge :) Don't you just love filling up sketchbooks and notebooks with fun things? I do!
The prompt for day 6 was what is something that you are craving right now?! Well, I am constantly craving caffeine in the form of Diet Dr. Pepper. I definitely drink way more thatn I should but I crave it so I chose to do my sketch on that:

Day seven was all about illustrating the best part of your day. Yesterday, I completed the "x-marks the spot" picnic blanket from my online class. I looooooved it with sooooo many ooooooo's. Seriously it was my first time using a sewing machine since highschool and it turned out great. I couldn't stop smiling and I think I even hugged the blanket when it was done. I'm and nerd, so what! I will post pictures of the blanket later but for now, here is my sketch:

Now, I also took the prompt from day 2 and re-mixed it again. This time I chose to use the word create in a different way because I was feeling creative! Check it out:

Again, love this challenge and I truly look forward to doing it everyday!
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  1. Well, if you're a nerd, then I'm a nerd!!! Cuz I see you just posted your post 2 minutes ago and here I am!!! LOL But I see Holly posted hers too, lol. You're such a great sketcher!!! You don't give yourself enough credit!!! And I love your crossword puzzle. I didn't study it quite long enough, but I did see "Adam" and "cupcakes". :) I can't wait to see your picnic blanket!!! I haven't used a sewing machine in soooo long either but am going to give it a whirl as well!!! Fun, fun!!! Great post!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!

  2. wow!
    I love how you re-invented the 2nd sketch. You've got great ideas!

  3. nice drawings...
    Hey I tried the Strawberries and Cream Frap. with the Toffee yesterday and it was delicious. Thanks! The lady in the drive through asked me where I came up with that concoction. I laughed and said the internet.

  4. Okay, an effort to win the goods, only b/c I saw everything you bought and loved everything, Something that made me smile today was my students...thats it...I just love them, and they are funny, and nerdy, and totally sweet. Thats it...

  5. your sketches are amazing!! i have recently gotten re-hooked on dr. pepper...i am going to have to try diet!
    also, that crossword is totally craft-core! haha, i just made that up! you rock my socks off with your sketches!


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