01 February 2009

Anthropologie Inspiration

While "watching" the Super Bowl and waiting for the Red Velvet Art website to launch, I decided to do some inspiration hunting on Flickr. I have never been to an Anthropologie (I don't think) but I have seen their beautiful items and window displays online. I decided to dig further and find some beautifully decorated rooms to inspire me (and you!) as I continue re-decorating my home. So, without further adu, here is what I found to be breathtakingly pretty:

So beautiful!
Ummmm....by the way, I just learned that there is a one hour new episode of The Office, starring Jack Black, after The Super Bowl. Yes!!! What a great night :)
Oh yeah, Happy February my friends.


  1. There's one in the Galleria! It's one of my favorite stores!

  2. Happy February to you, too!

  3. Janel,
    Could it be possible that someone else uses "sweenthy" as a nickname too, 'cause I saw it on someone else's blog besides yours. What are the odds of that????

  4. Which Anthro is that? I can't tell..


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