25 February 2009

red + turquoise =love

Speaking of weddings :) The colors for my wedding are a turquoise (I like to call it Mexican Ocean Blue) and Red. There really isn't much red but I love incorporating it in here and there. I totally heart these two colors together. Here are some flickr faves that show the true beauty of this color combination:

And now for some serious Etsy love:
You can find this lovely poster Here:

Omgoodness, I looooove this log-cabin quilted pillow:

which you can find HERE!
This darling bangle is recycled and only $4.00 Here:

This artist has so many illustrations done in these colors but this one is actually called, The Wedding!

Here are some other's of hers that I love

simple and lovely :)
And I bought both of these as soon as this lovely posted them:

Ok, that is all of the inspo that I have for now :) I have been a little behind on my online class projects with the wedding and my school's art show and parent teacher conferences all happening in the same week. I am drained by the time I get home but I always have time to get inspired and to inspire others in the blog world. Have a great night and hopefully tomorrow I will have some more time to my scarf done! So excited!


  1. Love those 2 colors together! What inspiration!!

  2. fabulous combo indeed! xo

  3. Great picture finds! Love those colors. I'm obsessed with them myself. :)

  4. those are 2 of my favorite colors together. i made one of my teepees to be those colors (hopefully will post it this weekend).

    I also got one of silje's headbands...it is totally rockin'!!

  5. I cannot handle how beautiful those colors are together!


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