14 February 2009

Cupcakes are for Lovers <3

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Adam is finally here and two weeks of not seeing him seemed like forever!
This year we did a Charlie Brown Valentine's Day ( we are poor).
He wrote me a beautiful poem and gave me the coolest Barack Obama Valentine Card!
I don't have a picture but trust me, it was perfect!
I baked two dozen red velvet valentine cupcakes for Adam:

I also made him this sweet little hand sewn valentine with our "match-a-versary" embroidered onto it :)

(BTW- sewing is my new obsession!)
Finally, for me, it's not Valentine's Day without red glitter everywhere so here is the real-big valentine card that I made Adam (poor guy, where on earth is he going to put this :D)

He really is all sorts of lovely :)
So, today we had cupcakes for breakfast and then we are off to a day of running errands and being in love and even more valentine's day fun!!
**What a total difference...last year I was all bummed out on Valentine's Day and decided to sign up for E-harmony...who would've thought that one year later I would be almost married to the boy I was matched with only 14 days later....PTL!!***
And now, completely off subject and back on the fact that I am obsessed with sewing now, I thought that I would show you another little project that I made this week:

It's a baby unicorn that I made and named after Nicole, my sister, because she loves baby unicorns (hahahaha). Soooo cute!! I made it from the RVA craft kit that I purchased in Springfield. Oh! I also got that cute little thread spool doll there as well :) looooove it! Ok, have fun today. Love and be loved!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    (BTW, your sewing/craftiness is Tre-magnifique!)

  2. Cuuuute!!! Love the little thread spool doll!!! Hope you have a beautiful day of love!!!! What a great story of how you two met!!! Brian and I met on Yahoo personals!!! LOL Here we are nearly 8 years later!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! (I wonder if I could any more exclamation points!!!!!!!) :)


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