10 February 2009

Apartment Therapy Inspiration...

I am obsessed with decorating these days and I have been shown inspiration daily from Apartment Therapy Main.  Love that blog!!
There are at least 30 posts of inspiration daily. Here are few lovely things that caught my eye while browsing through during The Biggest Loser tonight.

Tonight has been consumed with reading, eating apples and peanut butter and working on my wedding invitations. Man, it is coming up quickly!! I also completed my favor boxes and stuffed them with my super cute wedding favors!!
In other news:
1. Chris Brown?!?!?!?!? I am so disappointed. I will admit that I am not so savvy on celebrity gossip any more these days but when you teach and have so many fourth and fifth grade girls talking about all day instead of working on Castles and ATCs...you tend to ask questions. So, yes Chris Brown, if you are reading my blog (why wouldn't he be?) YOU disappoint me!
2. I am sewing a lot lately. I have turned into a little sewing machine!! I am proud of myself and I am really excited to explore this craft even more.
3. I made Adam the CUTEST Valentine ever. Seriously, the cutest. I want to post pictures but unfortunately he is co-owner of this blog.
4. After reading my last post, I believe I may be an over-user of the word "super." It's a problem and I am working on it :)
5. Don't forget to leave a comment in the post below to win to RVA love!! I will announce the winner tomorrow night after Bible Study.
6. how many weeks before the wedding (in this case, reception) do you send out the invitations?
Ok, back to getting crafty. I will post some of the things I made tomorrow when I have my camera. Good night lovelies...


  1. I think it's super the way you say super so don't stop saying super!

  2. LOVE the photo with the 3 pillows in the chair!!!! Those are so great!!!!
    I, also, am not a follower of celebrity gossip but have been hit with the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thang. I'm with you...Very disappointing, Chris! (I'm also very sure that he's reading this.)
    Can't wait to see what you've been busy creating!!!!

  3. Janet took my comment.
    Like, verbatim.
    I think you're both super duper.

  4. Love the felt orbs...we need to make them!


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