15 February 2009

Journal Prompt #3

"Think of a person you love. Sketch their name in the center of the page. Bold! Maybe you don't want to do a person, then think of a thing, or a place that you love. Then spend the next minute (or more) just looking at that name (or thing, place etc). Then sketch out the words that came to your mind as you thought about them. Use different lettering, and let loose with creativity! Add a doodle or two, why not."
Ok, I chose to right about my Mr. Valentine himself...Adam!

I should be back with day fours journal prompt today as soon as it is posted :) Also, I will post about Valentine's Day later!
Oh, and even more exciting...Elsie and Rachel's online class begins TODAY!!! I am soooo ready to get wicked creative again!!
Happy Sunday <3


  1. Very nice sketching you do... just thought I would hop on over and check your site. I seen you from the RVA class. My name is Angela. I'm so excited about this class!!!

    PS. Very cute picture of you and your significant other. I vote for the 2nd one. I think its the eyes....Bye for now!

  2. I vote #2 as well! Ummm, when are we crafting? Do you love I figured how to link!!! Whats with your word verification...whats equbed anyway???


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