17 February 2009

Sketch #5

"think of a pattern that you're into right now, and sketch your version of it. Or come up with a new pattern that's unique!"
I chose the ever so popular Orla Kiely vine pattern. I am loving it :and wanted togive it a bright colored look :)

P.S. if you are also partaking in this challenge leave me a comment so I can come by and see what kind of sketches or doodles you are doing :) Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Great minds think alike! ;)
    I'm so obsessed with this pattern, lol!!!

  2. Hey there! I'm Lydie...I found your blog because we're classmates in Elsie & Rachel's class! I love these journaling prompts you're doing...is that another art class or a blog? Your journal is so cute!

  3. pretty!!! where are you getting your prompts from?! i like them!

  4. ahh love your sketch!...

    and great idea about following each others blogs! yay!


  5. super cute! i love orla, i have a cute notebook my friend got me for christmas and i'm too scared to write in it lol...that pattern in my fav! have you checked out her goodies @ target? awesome!

  6. Your sketch is great. I love this one too. I love your blog.


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