18 February 2009


So get this! The winner of my RVA gift giveaway did not ever email me or contact me!? That means, I still have a special pressie from my trip to the Red Velvet Art store to give-a-way. Be sooooo very excited! Ok, leave me a comment and this time, tell me something that made you smile today in the comment. I will choose a winner Thursday night after The Office (my favorite TV show). Leave me a comment. The gift is soooo good. You definitely don't want to miss out!

(This pic has nothing to do with the give-a-way but I just adored that little dress and I will definitely be needing one when I have a little sweetie pie running around some day!! Love it!)


  1. Let's see...what made me smile today???? Besides this post??? :)

    I got Brennon his first alarm clock because it's time he started helping around the house and getting up on his own. He was soooo excited, lol. This morning he up before me! He said, "I only hit snooze once and then turned it off!" Yay!!! THAT made me smile today...first thing!!! We'll see how long this lasts!

  2. Watching the birds at my feeders today made me smile. There were so many and that means spring is coming to the South. Thanks for the giveaway.

    The little dresses are beautiful and one day you will need them I'm sure. ;)

  3. oh my. I'd LOVE to win something from RVA (i'm hoping it's one of those cute "cross my heart" journals ;))... so glad I still have a chance to win! Thanks Janel!

  4. Hi! I would love an amazing gift from RVA!!! I work at a daycare and hearing 1 and 2 year olds have conversations with each other is always sooo cute and makes me smile every time! Also, I got a card from my grandma in the mail, which is another thing to make me smile!

  5. Oh yeah, and this post made me smile.. but what I was going to put down was the fact the UPS man honked at me tonight when I was walking home. He has been my UPS guy for I don't knonw.. since fall 2000 when we moved here? He always waves, honks, or whatever when he sees me, and if he is on my street / at my house we'll chat for a few minutes. It is just a small thing, but never fails to make me smile. :)

  6. All the lovely ladies that came to my blog after the "pretty" chat yesterday.
    I felt loved.

  7. (sorry this is so long)Today was a rough day, I'll be honest. It seemed like everything was going to be blah. My boss came back after a 2 day vacation and I am about to start a 2 day vacation but we had to make sure we had everything finished up. Then my boss made a meeting for me with one of our most difficult clients. I tried my hardest to stay super happy and get through it all.

    When I got out of the meeting, my boss had decided it was just one of those days for everyone and decided to go to 7-11 and pick up a bunch of junk food (oreos, slurpees,king cones, trail mix and some pints) for all of us to share.

    So getting to the point- what made me smile today- was that our boss, no matter how much it seems like she doesn't care or listen, really does care and knows us all enough to know when it's one of those days where we all just need to sit around for 5 min enjoying a little of one of those sweet treats and relax.

  8. A new episode of LOST makes me smile today.

    That's an adorable little dress! You're going to be an insanely awesome mom! Knowing how awesome of a teacher you are and how creative you are, it's going to be fun to watch!

  9. I love giveaways even if it is a re-giveaway. Now let's see, what made me smile...my brother's muppet that he just got...she's fabulous. Have fun watching "The Office"!

  10. Let's see, what made me smile today?

    Waking up to the sun shining in my room...and knowing that I'm alive every morning and able to see it...always starts the day off right. :)

    Oh, and that picture in your post! I'd love to have a top like that in my size...with the "A" and everything...so cute!

  11. What make me smile???

    We didn't get snow for 1-2 weeks here in quebec but today it's a beautiful snowy day so I can go outside with kids and make some snowman!

    Hope my english isn't too bad!!!

    Have a nice day Janel, your blog is so nice!

  12. ooh how generous of you to share a goodie from the awesome RVA store. Thank you for the chance but i never win anything so i thought I would just say HI. I love your blog, very awesome!!
    ok, what made me smile today? my little man. he's 10 but he is oh so amazing!! i've been really sick for some time now and my heart just bursts with pride when he tries to take care of me. he makes me smile, even on my worst days. HE makes me smile!!!!

  13. What made me smile? Well today, I had to leave my daughter at home with my sister so I could go work. i always leave her my phone numbe written on a piece of paper in case she needs anything. As I was driving on the NJ turnpike she called me just to make sure I got to work OK and to say she loves me. That was truly the best feeling ever.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!! That little dress s just too cute!

  14. well then, that's too bad that the first winner didn't contact you! Good for us I guess! :)

    Looking at your sketches made me smile today. :D I love that your doing this along with me.

    Thanks for the giveaway Janel!
    xo holly

  15. What made me smile today, well yesterday hmmm... i was feeling a little blue and both dave and mark were closing so i was going to be alone - boo; but tHEN Dave surprised me and got out of work early to hang with me and so we went to dinner and then to a small casino to play some penny slots and have soo soo much fun! I smiled so much :)

  16. Omgosh! I love your blog! I have gotten behind and missed all the V day stuff! I will post comments on each of them tomorrow! First off, don't you just LOVE The Office?! Second, what made me smile today? Hmm lots of things make me smile, but the thing that stands out today is my friend Narissa from work. She is going through an extremely tough time in her life right now, but she tries to stay happy and cracks me up everyday! If it wasn't for her, work might be totally bland and she inspires me with her strength.
    Ok, that is all for right now! Love the sketches and your E&R projects! Xoxo Kimi


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