13 February 2009

Are you feeling the love?

I AM! My love is coming into town tonight :) Yay! I can not wait to have a memorable Valentine's Day for once. I have big top-secret dinner plans planned out and then we are going to see a movie...I can not wait! I also can't wait to show you all his big, beautiful Valentine that I made him. Isn't it so much fun to make things for other people? I think so! So, Happy Almost Valentine's Day to you all. Kisses and Hugs to all!


  1. Weren't you supposed to be working at 2:55 today? The Blog Police

  2. I can feel the love tonight!

    (Can't wait to see the big Valentine you made. You and your sister are so way artsy cool.....way above my head and out of my league. I'm in awe when I look at both of your blogs.)


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