16 February 2009

Journal Prompt #4

"Pick a shape (or shapes). Then think about things that you want to learn in the near future, or goals that you have. Fill the shapes with those things! It's fun."
For my shape, I was really creative (ha) and chose rectangles. Actually, they are more like journaling blocks (sounds more creative that way :D). It actually took me awhile to think of that many things that I want to learn or accomplish in the near future. Now, of course, I can think of soooo many more. I actually love the fact that we never stop learning and that most of us, have a passion to continue learning. That is pretty cool!
Here is my journal page:

Ready to learn :)


  1. I will come and do clay with you next week. We'll have an inprompt to clay class at Parkwood afetrschool Tuesda. Does that work for you?

  2. what great aspirations....hang in there....block out some time for each venture....you can do it....what a great idea to keep learning new and interesting things!


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