01 February 2009

Home Pictures

Here are just a teeny tiny few pictures of some of the improvements that were made at my house this week!! I definitely did way more than this but I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it all. Here are some pictures of "our" new bedroom :) There is actually way more to this room but, again, I didn't get a lot of pictures yet.

I will definitely have to post more pictures of the rest of my room later :) Now, here are two pictures of "our" new bathroom. We were fortunate to receive all of our bathroom decor at our last shower and I am totally digging the coral!!

The floor and cabinets in the bathroom are so hideous. The cabinets and linoleum are the only thing left at my condo that is original. That my friends, is a project for 2010!
We had our marriage class today and it was so great, as usual. We talked a lot about finances and budgeting and I (believe it or not) am really excited about starting a budget. I am so impulsive when it comes to buying things that I "NEED" (want) so I am ready to start a budget and tame my shopping whims :) I'm really not that bad. I do have to say that I am really glad that the budget doesn't have to start until after my trip to Springfield this coming up weekend for the Red Velvet Art opening. OMG will you look at this place!!

I mean seriously?? I am not sure it gets cuter than that. Nicole and I are headed down there Friday night for the Springfield Art Walk and the Red Velvet Art Grand Opening party! Can not Stinkin wait!! Alright, I think that I need to get back to the Superbowl and more importantly all of the amazing food that my mom made for the Superbowl! GO Cardinals!!


  1. LOVE the coral bathroom decor!! Where did you find that????

  2. Love your new decor!

    I need to hire you out for my house!!

    What is your style called??? Contemporary/Arts & Crafts?


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