23 February 2009


This sketch is supposed be something kitschy! I am not sure if this is technically kitschy but I like it :) I took inspiration from the Home Sweet Home cross stitched picture that I purchased from Pony Party and went from there! What is funny is that I had done a different sketch and I had sketched a few diamonds and Adam said, "Janel you can NOT do diamonds, Holly Sarah put diamonds on hers!!" I love when he knows what's going on :) So, here it is, Sketch #9.

I will be emailing everyone tonight who wanted to participate in the craft swap!! I am soooo excited because there is at least 15 of us participating!! Can NOT stinkin wait :)

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  1. nice! lol, your fiance is observant!
    (ps... my bad, I made the mistake of saying this was #9, when it's #10. oops)
    ps, thanks for the love about the salon!


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