20 February 2009

I've been to some amazing places:

I have been blessed enough to have been to many amazing places in my life. Here are some highlights from the last three years (post digital camera :D).

So out of all of those beautiful places, how can it be that this is the one place that I miss the most??


  1. I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I want to sit and look out at the ocean, just like you did.

  2. I really enjoyed the pics. I cant wait to hear about the bach party. Love Mom

  3. Because you have a heart for missions and a heart for people....that's why you miss the "dump" in Mexico the most.....you and all those who have gone to help, have really made a difference and helped turn the dump into a place where people can actually live. The homes you have built for the homeless have tied your heart to that place. God bless you.

  4. one teency problem chicky... where are the pics of boston that is like pretty much the most amazing place you have been!! :)


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