19 February 2009

Cross My Heart <3

Okay, here is the winner :)

Yay!! The winner is....Ashley!!! You are now the proud owner of this lovely:

Ashley, email me your contact info at janel (underscore) 007 (at) hotmail (dot) com and your pressie will be on it's way :)
I love give-a-ways, and mail. We should all make stuff and send it to each other just to get fun packages like Elsie and Rachel did. Who's in?


  1. Congrats Ashley!!!!

    I'm in for some fun swaps. Email me so we can talk details. :-)

  2. Yay for Ashley! Congrats!!!

    I'd be in!!! Happy mail makes me...well, happy! :) Swaps are fuuuun!!!!

  3. i think that would be pretty cool as well.

  4. Aw, thanks! I almost bought this the other day...I'm glad I didn't! lol

    And I would totally be up for a swap with everyone! I love getting pretty things in the mail!

  5. If you wouldn´t mind to do some oversea swaping, i would like to go for it !!!

  6. Congrats Ashley! That journal is too cute!!
    Yeah, I agree on a swap. Would totally love it!

  7. congrats girl!
    Janel you're so generous. :)


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