22 February 2009

Oh Bachelorette Party :)

All I can say....so much fun!
I think that if you had to pick the best place to have my bachelorette party, The City Museum would be it! Nicole is amazing, the best maid of honor, friend, and of course, sister. I had the most perfect night ever :)
We started off the night attempting to go to Flannery's Pub for dinner. Well, it was Mardi Gras and packed with lots of drunko's and no free tables. So, I decided to take one for the team and we walked next door to a sushi bar. (Seriously?) That would have been the last place that I would choose to eat but it ended up being delicous. I had the best fried rice (no egg) that I have ever eaten in my life :)I even tried cucumber sushi rolls wrapped in sea weed. It was good too! and these little pea snap things ?? So good :) Here are some pics of my lovely friends and I at Wasabi on Washington:

After Wasabi, we headed over to the City Museum. For those of you who do not live in St. Louis the City Museum is the 600,000 square feet museum built and decorated completely with found materials. This place has, playgrounds, 8 story slides, a circus, a craft area, an area to do art, and aquarium, caves, a train, tunnels, factories, a thrift shop, a bar, an outdoor area, tons of sculptures, murals, mosaics and cafes. I am pretty sure there is a million more things that I have not seen because it is sooooo big and full of things to do! My favorite thing there is the vintage black and white photo booth. My favorite!! The unfortunate thing is that every time I am there, something happens to it and it doesn't work for me. Seriously!!! After the second girl I got my picture taken with, the photo booth stopped working. Shocker!!!
Here are some pictures of our time there....so fun!!!

We made Mardi Gras masks at the Arts and Crafts center:

Here is my attempting the hamster wheel. Yikes! As soon as we got it going I totally ate it and it just kept going around and around with me laying there. It was funny!

Here are some more pretty shots of the museum

Some pictures of me and my favorite girls :) Seriously you girls are all true, fabulous, amazing friends and I love you all soooo much!!

Once they turned all of the lights out and let people go around with flashlights only (we didn't have one) we went outside to The Log Cabin which is like a teeny tiny pub with live music and a fire pit outside. The icing on the cake was the face that they sold Smore supplies at the pub for a dollar and you could go out to the fire pit to make your own Smores. BTW-Smore's are my most favorite treat ever!! It was sooo perfect!

Well, then the sprinkles, on top of the icing, on top of the cake was the fact that Nicole bought her and I these amazing sister necklaces at the Gift Shop. We both love anything Day of the Dead. Looooooooove it!

And while we are speaking of my sister, can I just say how wonderfully amazing she is. It is inexpressable. She is amazing and I am so blessed to have her!! Thanks nini for the best bachelorette party a girl could ever ask for :) Love you!


  1. Awww! Looks like you girls had a great time. Sushi huh? I've never had it before.

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun! I've definitely have to make that a trip one of these days (when I can afford it, haha).
    And, oh I love Wasabi! It stinks that the closest one to me is in Knoxville, TN :(
    And I just wanted to say congrats again to your wedding this week...I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Seems you had a adorable evening out with your friends.
    The museum looks gorgeous. It seems very inspiring. Is it in an old fabric building?

    When will your wedding be?

    Greetings from germany, from one of your classmates.

  4. How fun!!! Do you know that after living here for 16 years, I have never been to the city museum???? I'm making it a must go now!!! Looks so fun!!! What a great time!
    And I didn't realize your wedding was this week!!!! Congrats!!! Hope it all goes smoothly! ;)

  5. CONGRATS!! looks like fun!
    i'm so confused- i just was reading the rva chat from last night and i want to be part of whatever crafty swap you are organizing but don't know how to sign up lol!!!
    can you let me know how?!?
    margot531@gmail.com :-) thanks!

  6. Hey girl; looks like you had a blast at your bachelorette party YAY! Im WICKED bummin i don't live close enough to have been there but we can make up for it on the cruise :) 18 days !!!!!! CAN'T FLIPPIN WAIT... xoxox love you

  7. YaY! It looks like you had so much fun and even tried new things!! That museum looks like it rocks, I have never been to St. Louis, but if I ever go that will be one of the first places I hit!
    Happy Bachelorette Party! Your sister threw an awesome one!


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